I have suggested the PMO, India and other government officials to mention “Made in India” in all the Government official websites . Here is the  copy of email. Kindly read and reply your views. If you are a blogger, freelancer or owner of any website then kindly do as per this email.

======== Email Copy========

Respected Sir/Madam,


I  am  a frequent visitor of many Government websites and applauding the work carried out by the Ministries and their IT team, specially NIC. Now a days, a lot of information and services are available through websites. Creating  awareness through social media sites and moving from web services to mobile based services are  helping citizens.

While, visiting many Govt websites, an idea came into my mind, can not we proudly write ; “Made in India” in all our websites, like Government sites, Educational Websites and other Indian websites etc.

We should proudly write these in our websites in  footer/end of page.

1. Made in India

2. Made in India, for the world

3. Made in India. Made for the world

or any statement that boost and show that the site is in India and  Made by Indians.

I have done these modifications in my websites and suggested many to do the same. Please check it in attached screenshot or at http://ohs.lantok.com & http://lantok.com and I am also decided to put this in other websites, which have had developed by me as freelancer or any way.

I strongly believe that this can make a huge impact in  Search Engine Optimization ( when people search for Made in India) and also in Make in India campaign.

Please revert back with your suggestions and forward this email to the concern person or senior authority to make this campaign successful.

Hoping for the best.

Kind regards,